Saturday, May 14, 2011

glass floor

I apologize for the lack of posts. Blogger was in read-only.

I'm fond of the CN Tower, but it's strange. It's a retro-futurist artefact. It's what people forty years ago thought the future would be like. It emits mind control rays.

I've been a student in Toronto for some time and haven't visited. I went up on a family trip when I was seven. I vaguely remember the view, the mist from Niagara Falls in the distance. I'd like to go again and stand on the glass floor. I think I'd be fine, but I won't be sure until I do it.


  1. It's great to go up the spire once every few years. Pick a day when the smog isn't too bad.

    The first time I went up I was in my mid 20's and new to Ontario. The Skydome was just a hole in the ground at the base of the tower.

  2. It's always following me, no matter where I am in the city. I look up, there it is, looming on the horizon. Bothers me deeply, but I can't guess why.